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Some predictions were that the Northern Lights would be even better on Saturday night.

After closing the Gallery I headed to Blacktail Ponds to photograph a Grizzly with 2 cubs until the sunset. I then headed to Hayden Valley with hopes of catching the Aurora reflecting in the calm waters of the Yellowstone river. I set up my camera at the Grizzly overlook at 9pm and waited. The conditions were perfect. The skies had just a few clouds, there was no wind and the river was smooth as glass. I was the only one there and was wondering if I had misread the solar forecast. The night before every pullout had a few sky gazers in it. At 10pm a few more people arrived and the show began. It happened quickly with first green, then purple and pink. The green was so intense it looked like a neon light coming up from under the river.

As a nature photographer it is rare to have a spectacular event happen with all the right conditions, including knowing how to use your equipment to its full potential. This event was perfect, the conditions were perfect, this location was perfect.

I couldn’t wish for anything more.

Hayden Valley Light Show

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