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399 is the bear study number for this well-known bear in the Grand Tetons. She is 24 years old in this image, that is getting old for a grizzly bear. She has had twins and triplets before but never emerged from the den with 4 cubs. 2020 of course has been a crazy year. Yellowstone and Grand Tetons parks were closed in March with the Wyoming entrances not opening until May 19 and the Montana entrances opening June 1st. This meant I had to drive 7 hours around the park to get to 399s territory in May. I made several trips with no luck but in June the trip was half as long because I could now drive through Yellowstone.

Perseverance paid off on June 10th 2020 when Royalty crossed before me with her four precious cubs of the year.

399 AT WILLOW FLATS - Grizzly & cubs

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